About Gaby's Arts

Gaby Coronado was born in Mexico. She studied Chemical Engineering.  The Arts always interested her since then.  When she lived in Venezuela, she developed a passion for ceramics. The School  "Taller y Escuela Arte y Fuego" in Caracas became her second home.

About Her Style

She experimented with multiple techniques related with firing, glazing and sculpture. She studied under prestigious Venezuelan-artists like Candido Millan, Beatriz Plaza, Naty Valle, Ingrid Schweitzer, Carlos Finales y Elisabeth Wischeropp.  Gaby has continued studying ceramics at the Art Academy of Cincinnati and she was a member of the Clay Alliance. 


Gaby has found inspiration in the Calla Lily flower. She has developed her art around. Vivid colors impressed on multiple Calla Lily forms. Most importantly, her works express her emotions through the shape, texture, color of her ceramic Calla Lilies. Gaby experiments placing her Callas in various media like steel, copper, wood and glass. For her, there will always be an opportunity to imagine a new Calla to represent a new place, a new situation or emotion.